Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our students a range of opportunities, including many that may not be available in their own community

  • to learn in an excellent educational program that will affirm and nurture their academic talent;
  • to participate in the arts, community service, athletic and other extra-curricular activities;
  • and to develop confidence and independence as they prepare not only for college, but also for a future as active, effective contributors to society;
Additionally, our mission is to offer the New Canaan community dedicated minority students who, because of their desire to learn and participate in a strong and successful secondary education environment, will bring their talent, energy and diversity to the High School and to our community as a whole. Both our current students and graduates have been successful in the high school, the community, and beyond. They have enriched New Canaan and those they come in contact with as much or more than we have assisted them in achieving their goals.


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