Host Family Requirements

Host Family Structure

  • At least one child attending New Canaan High School when the ABC student begins
  • The ABC student would not be the oldest child in the home
  • Does not have to have a son of the same age/grade


    Available to host ABC student for 4 years during the school year

  • every Sunday afternoon through Monday morning
  • one weekend per month during school year from Friday afternoon through Monday morning
  • three days of orientation the week before the start of school (not required for host family)
  • ABC students return home for summers and vacations and generally return home on three-day weekends

    Available to attend (at least one spouse):

  • evening host family meeting three to four times per year
  • annual holiday party (two hours one Sunday afternoon in December)
  • annual graduation party (two hours one Sunday afternoon in May)
  • Martin Luther King day service on MLK Monday (encouraged, not mandatory)

In the event that the host parents will be out of town during a host parent weekend and there will not be another responsible, English-speaking adult in the home, the host parents will contact the host parent coordinator and we will find an alternate host family for that weekend.

In the event of an unanticipated transfer, or other family circumstances, ABC will find another family for the ABC student. However, at the outset, the intention should be to commit to the full four years.


  • From two other families in town who have known the family for at least 2 years
  • From at least one teacher or administrator of a public school in town
  • Others at the family’s suggestion (e.g. minister or coach)
  • In accordance with the policy of the National ABC organization, ABC of New Canaan will conduct a background check of any adults who will be living in the host parent home.

NOT Required

Financial outlay Boys receive a $20/wk allowance; ABC covers all school supply, sports equipment, medical and dental fees, and incidentals as necessary. Birthday and Christmas gifts from the host family are limited to an amount agreed upon by the host families.

Private bedroom or bathroom for ABC student

Pro-active involvement in academic, extracurricular, or college process. Pro-active involvement is not required as the Resident Directors or another ABC board member oversees this for each of the boys. However, the boys welcome your help as a sounding board and as an advisor. In addition, we ask that you pass on any pertinent information and concerns to the Resident Directors and the Host Family Coordinator.

Fulltime entertainment of the ABC student when at your home The ABC student should be included in family activities and treated as host family children are regarding chores, free time, computer time, bedtime, curfews, etc.

Specific style of parenting not required. Whether your style is more laissez-faire and relaxed or highly organized and one-step-ahead-of-the-kids does not matter. The ABC students learn to fit in and learn from your family’s style. Your warmth, safe space and willingness to open up your home and share your brand of family life with them will be enormously valuable to a successful four years for these boys

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