Become a Host Family

ABC students live in the house on Locust Avenue with eight boys, two resident directors and two tutors. The boys spend each Sunday afternoon and evening with a host family in town. Whether it’s raking leaves, finishing homework or going to a movie, the boys participate in whatever the host family is doing. Once a month they spend the entire weekend with their host family. The boys have active schedules and play in their own sporting events whether for an NCHS team or a pick up game at the Y, and participate in their own social events as well.

The host family community supports each other by taking in the boys when one host family needs to be away for a weekend, by hosting a dinner for all the boys once a year, and by participating in quarterly meetings for exchanging information and planning. ABC students are from cities in the tri-state area so that they can return home for long weekends and vacations with ease.

Some host families find it easiest to host a boy who is the same age or grade as one of their own children. It can be fun for one sibling and the ABC student to be going through the high school process simultaneously. Others find that not having a ‘matched’ child works better for their family so that all of their children feel they have an equal investment in the process and big events like graduations and college applications do not happen simultaneously.

Start investigating it now for next year or the future. We would be happy to have someone come to your home to explain the program and answer questions at your next family meeting.

Give an ABC Student and your family the gift of a lifetime!  Click here to read more about the ABC House Host Family Requirements

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